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Online BEE Certified PTY Business Registration Services in South Africa.

Registering a new company brings a lot of hassle as it’s never easy to understand the complex processes used by the different authorities (CIPC, SARS, etc) to approve various documents. We at The Register, have a sole aim to provide our clients the fastest possible PTY LTD Company registration and protecting them from the web of bureaucracy. A new Company Registration generally takes 7 working days, this depends on the workload & the documentation process of the Company Register.

Not only do we provide swift company registration, but also help our clients to comply with the other legal requirements such as tax registration, tax clearance certificate, business VAT registration, Employees’ Tax, Skills Development Levy, and UIF registration.

A BEE-rating certificate of a company, trust, etc. indicates a company’s level of BBBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) compliance. Higher the BEE status level, stronger is the company to its competition. Higher level BEE certificate will increase your chances of obtaining tenders of large companies and government organisations. We offer excellent prices for obtaining a BEE Certificate in South Africa.

Some of the World Class Services we Provide.

PTY Company Registrations BEE Affidavits Income Tax & VAT Registrations Logo, Business Card & Website Design.

PAYE Registrations Tax Clearance Certificate Email & Website Hosting Import & Export Licences.

Steps Involved in Online Registration of a New PTY Limited Company.

Select PTY registration package & make payment Complete online or downloaded registration form Send required documents and proof of payment We submit proposed names (as per your preference) for reservation to CIPC.

first available company name is reserved for your company The registration documents are lodged with CIPC PTY is incorporated and a pty company registration number will be issued Registration documents and other information are emailed to you.

Check out some of our PTY Registration packages below.

Documents Required for Processing a PTY application: – ID/Passport copies of all directors, Completed Registration form( we send it to you for signing ) and Proof of Payment. The documents can dropped off at our offices, mailed or faxed. You can pay by direct bank deposit, EFT or online using PayPal. ( Check contact & banking details on the sidebar or footer of the page)

Once the registration is completed, all PTY Company documents will be available for download and then a business bank account can be opened (these documents are necessary for opening a business bank account). Throughout the registration process we will keep you posted about the progress status at every stage via emails and text messages (SMS) so that you are well informed about the timeline.